A rift has opened in the fabric of the world!!

In 1999, computers across the world crashed. The next day January 1, 2000 a new millenium started and the magical creatures of the world emerged from hiding. The norms of the world were already still freaked from their technology blowing up, so this was the best time to break the news to them that they weren’t alone. In an effort to survive humans learned to live side by side with the new magicals races. Their future depended on mutual aid so integration has happened more rapidly.

Now in 2010, Texas has become its own republic (hey that was the stipulation of joining the union remember?). Anything with a microprocessor doesn’t work anymore (computers still don’t work, nor cell phones). However steam technology, as something unaffected by Y2K, has proliferated and is now the dominant technology. Magic has also helped fill the gap computers left and is taught at universities. The world has changed much but humans, ever hardy, have learned to adapt to changing technologies and America has yet again become a melting pot for different races, both magical and non.

Texas Agricultural and Magical University has (surprisingly) become a center for learning about these new technologies. You all live, work, and study in College Station unaware of each others existence…until now.

Urban Nexus

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