Canon Characters

You can choose from one of these, or make your own original character. Up to you.

  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Infinite Student
  • Onery Professor
  • Catholic Nun/Priest
  • Lab Supervisor
  • Homeless Muscisian

and just added!! * Shy/Naive Librarian

Make up your own personalities, looks, genders, races, classes, etc. But I need certain types of characters to drive along the plot I have in mind so we’ll have a character creation session to make sure motivations, skills, etc. all balance! These are so you can start coming up with ideas. Then when I tell you what I need, you can figure out what role the character you have in mind can fit.

Languages: English is the “Common” language, with many characters and creatures also speaking their native tongues. Other popular languages in Texas include; Spanish, German, and Russian.

Canon Characters

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